Something to Eat

The most powerful social media…it is not internet,…it is food. This connects all human beings.

Alex Atala



VAT inclusive prices

Swiss raclette  (2 people)

Swiss Raclette. Cheese, “jamón serrano”, “fuet”, “papas arrugadas” and pickle

23,00 €


Olives with “mojo rojo”

3,25 €

Tejeda almonds

Tejeda almonds breaded in gofio from our mills (toasted cereal flour)

3,25 €

“Papas arrugadas”

“Papas arrugadas” with “mojo rojo”

5,60 €

Cheese selection

Our Midlands cheese selection with their contrast, La Gomera almogrote (almogrote: spicy cheese spread) and Canary tomato compote

10,75 €

Creamy beetroot humus

Creamy beetroot humus with tofu, extra virgin olive oil Caldera de las Tirajanas and pita bread

8,60 €

Smoked Salmon Toast

Smoked salmon toast with fine herbs cream, Valsequillo strawberry dressing and Blat vodka

7,10 €

Tomato salad in textures

Tomato salad in textures, Guia mature cheese slivers, crispy bacon and creamy guacamole

8,35 €

“Salmorejo” (seasonal)

Canarian tomato “salmorejo” with croutons, boiled egg, “jamón serrano” and virgin olive oil

5,00 €

“Jamón Ibérico” croquettes

“Jamón Ibérico” croquettes with Moya wild mushrooms and caramelized red pepper coulis

8,50 €

Boletus croquettes

Boletus croquettes with black truffle and caramelized red pepper coulis

8,00 €

Hake croquettes

Hake and shrimps croquettes with tomate compote

8,00 €

Cod croquettes

Cod croquettes, prickly pear mayonnaise and vegetable chips

8,00 €

Blue Chesse croquettes

Blue chesse croquettes and spinach with palma honey

7,50 €

Croquettes Selection

Selection of our croquettes

10,50 €

Panko Breaded praw skewers

Panko breaded prawn skewers with Mogán mango chutney and La Palma peppercorns

11,90 €

Bao buns stuffed with fried baby squids

Steamed Bao buns stuffed with fried baby squids served with mild green mojo cream and pickled Gáldar red onion

9,90 €

Free-range chicken, vegetable and dried fruit roll

Free-range chicken, vegetable and dried fruit rolls with sweet and sour pineapple chutney

9,00 €

Angus mini burgers

Angus mini burgers with caramelized onion and water cress alioli 

9,65 €

“Jamón Ibérico” with “tumaca” bread

“Jamón Ibérico” with “tumaca” bread

16,00 €

8 Canes Cake

4,00 €


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