8 Canes


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

John Gunther

Breakfast 8 Canes

VAT inclusive prices

Small Rolls of Bread

“Jamón ibérico” with tomato fresh sauce spread on bread

4,10 €

Fried Padrón pepper with smoked cheese and quince jelly

3,50 €


(We also have for veggies)

Seed bread with Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon, guacamole and mezclum

4,50 €

Seed bread with chicken, boiled egg, mezclum, tomato and curry mayonnaise

5,00 €


Grilled goat cheese, aubergine, honey and nuts

4,10 €

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic, parsely and “jamón serrano”

4,10 €

Something Sweet

8 Canes Cake

4,00 €


Café o Té

2,15 €

Reservations & Contact


Tlf: +34 928 016 898


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