Something to Eat

The most powerful social media…it is not internet,…it is food. This connects all human beings.

Alex Atala


VAT inclusive prices


Olives with canarian “mojo rojo”

4,00 €

Tejeda almonds

Tejeda almonds breaded in gofio from our mills (toasted cereal flour)

4,00 €

Shrimp fritters

Traditional Cadiz shrimp fritters with tomatoes

5,50 €

Filled mushrooms

Breaded mushrooms filled with “almogrote” gomero

6,50 €

Tomato salad in textures

Tomato salad in textures, Guia mature cheese slivers, crispy “jamón” and creamy guacamole

10,00 €

Spanish potato omelette

Freshly prepared spanish potato omelette

6,50 €

Spanish potato omelette (“almogrote” or “chorizo de Teror”)

Freshly prepared spanish potato omelette to choose with: “almogrote” or “chorizo de Teror”

7,00 €

“Salmorejo” (seasonal)

Canarian tomato and watermelon “salmorejo” with croutons, boiled egg, “jamón serrano” and virgin olive oil

8,00 €

Creamy beetroot hummus

Creamy beetroot hummus with tofu, extra virgin olive oil Caldera de las Tirajanas and pita bread

10,50 €

Boletus croquettes

Boletus croquettes homemade recipe with black truffle and caramelized red peppers coulis (8 u)

9,00 €

Tuna croquettes

Tuna croquettes with prickly pear mayonnaise (8 u)

9,00 €

Spinach croquettes

Spinach and pine nuts croquettes with palma honey (8 u)

9,00 €

“Jamón” croquettes

“Jamón” croquettes with red pepper coulis (8 u)

9,00 €

Croquettes selection

Selection of our homemade recipe croquettes (10 u)

12,00 €

Panko Breaded prawn skewers

Panko breaded prawn skewers with homenade mango chutney

14,00 €

Free-range chicken, vegetable and dried fruit rolls 

Free-range chicken, vegetable and dried fruit rolls with sweet and sour pineapple chutney (4 u)

9,00 €


Melted cheese “tequeños” with seasonal jam  (5 u)

8,00 €

“Papas arrugadas” 

“Papas arrugadas” with canarian “mojo rojo” gradma recipe

6,00 €

Cheese selection 

Our Midlands cheese selection with their contrasts, La Gomera almogrote (almogrote: spicy cheese spread) and Canarian tomato compote

14,00 €

“Jamón ibérico”

“Jamón Ibérico” accompanied with “regañás”

18,00 €

Smoked Salmon Toast

Smoked salmon toast, mezclum, tomatoes, fine herbs cream, Valsequillo strawberry dressing

8,50 €

Bao buns stuffed with fried baby squids

Steamed Bao buns stuffed with fried baby squids served with mild green mojo cream and pickled Gáldar red onion

12,50 €

Angus mini burgers

Angus mini burgers with caramelized onion and watercress alioli (3 u)

12,00 €

Swiss raclette  (2 people)

Swiss canarian fusion Raclette: cheese, “jamón serrano”, “fuet”, “papas arrugadas” and pickle

26,00 €

8 Canes Cake

Homemade cheesecake with seasonal jam

4,50 €

Ice Cream “Delicias Peña La Vieja”

Handmade ice cream bonbons of different flavours (pineaple, coconut, crunchy nuts or strawberry, almond-nougat, rossana)

5,00 €


2,00 €

Torres Chips

2,00 €


1,00 €


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