First Sunday of the Month

Brunch is a breakfast without an alarm clock

8 Canes Brunch Menu

First Sunday of the Month

Our complete Brunch menu: 24 € per person (If you prefer, you can order it separately)

VAT inclusive prices

To Wake us Up…….

Coffee or Tea

2,15 €

About Time to Start Eating…….

Pastry assortment, house bread, butter, Teror sausage, homemade jam with seasonal fruit and a shot of Gran Canaria honey

6,00 €

We continue with Appetizers (choose 1)…….

A small selection of Canarian cheese cuts, Iberian blade and our grated tomato with extra virgen olive oil Las Tirajanas and oregano

8,50 €

Smoked salmon wrap with guacamole and a mix of lettuce and Canarian tomato

7,00 €

A toast of rustic bread with sauteed vegetables, mushrooms and creamed spinach

7,00 €

We continue Enjoying (choose 1)…….

Eggs Benedict with hollandoise sauce on top of rustic bread and crispy bacon

8,50 €

Our rancher’s eggs (fried wheat tortillas on top of sauteed black beans, “pico de gallo” and fried farm eggs)

9,00 €

We finish with something Sweet & Healthy ( choose 1)…….

Salad of seasonal fresh fruit aromatized with fresh mint

4,00 €

Our cheese cake baked with caramel and strawberries

4,00 €

A tasty Liquor…….

Disarono Velvet, Tía María, Tía María Matcha


Café o Té

2,15 €

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